127 Barnum Avenue
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
(631) 473-0273
The Church

To reach Christ Church, Port Jefferson, NY from the harbor is a simple walk up Main Street take a right on Maple and left on Barnum and there you will find the quaint church with a sign that screams, ‘We help our community’. The billboard proclaims all sorts of good deeds like a soup kitchen, which is part and parcel of this sturdy and determined parish.

The image is fitting of a town that has two sides. Port Jeff is a ferry town. Year-round, the ferries shuttle people to and from Bridgeport, Connecticut, serving as a much more pleasing form of transport than the often threatening bridge across Long Island Sound. Because of the ferry, many people pass through Port Jeff to other destinations like the large State University of New York complex at Stony Brook, the next town over. It is also a vibrant harbor for sailors who often stop at Port Jeff for a weekend or as a stopover point in route to eastern or western Long Island or north to numerous locations on the Connecticut Shore Line. There are three options for staying in Port Jeff; there is the marina at Danfords which offers slips, and moorings that you can rent from Port Jeff Launch and Water-Taxi or Port Jeff Yacht Club. Reservations for moorings can be arranged through Dockwa. 

Sailors find Port Jeff a safe and fun harbor with plenty to do. There are the lobster dinners at the Steam Room a pet-friendly institution which is right across from the ferry landing. For desert don’t miss Rogers Frigate renowned ice cream and candy emporium, next door.

The other Port Jeff is one of the year-round residents and this group like so many other resort towns is a far more eclectic population one that looks to a place like Christ Church for support and comfort. If you have the time, you might be interested in reading the history of this parish before attending a service. Since 2001 and congregation has had some challenges and is now being served by a Priest-in-Charge, which means the church is in transition and seeking ways to strengthen their membership and calling. But don’t let that keep you from attending. The fact is that this parish is warm, committed, and looking forward. 

The church building dates to 1879 when the land it sits on was purchased from P.T. Barnum, the showman. The interior is intimate and a perfect place for reflection and private thoughts, a place of solace.


Port Jeff is full of restaurants of all types, seafood, delis, and pizza. My personal preference for an after-Church lunch is at Danfords Wave Restaurant. Danfords is a marina and hotel resort right next to the ferry and a short water-taxi ride from a mooring. From the outdoor restaurant overlooking the harbor, you can enjoy good food and gaze out over the marina filled with super-yachts and try to guess what celebrity owns one of the 100-foot mega boats. Danfords Wave Restaurant offers Sunday Brunch, or breakfast before church and is not to be missed.