98 Wentworth Street
Charleston, SC 29401

Built in 1848, this is a spectacular church. The architect was the renowned E,B. White whose often designs emphasis gothic elements and Grace Church is no exception. Grace Church is a large grand building which put merely, soars. The seat of the Episcopal Church in South Carolina, the church is worth a visit even if you don’t attend a service. The grandeur is made all the more interesting by the nooks and arches you can explore. The stained glass is what one expects in a church like this and beautiful in the craftsmanship. A service here is a chance to zone out from the everyday world and be swallowed up in the glory of such a place and added to this submersion into a spiritual escape is the fantastic music for which the church is well known. I was lucky enough to attend the midnight Christmas Service here and it was spectacular! The music was fantastic and the walk back to the City Marina in a mild, late stroll was just the perfect way to bring in Christmas. Once point, as terrific as the experience at Grace was for all the reasons above, this is a very big church and a large congregation. Unlike some of the other parishes I have visited, the members are not quite as outgoing or as enthusiastic when welcoming new people. This should not be misconstrued to mean that you are not welcome or will be made to feel unwelcome, it is just a bit different. I suspect that in large part this may be because it is so big and diocesan center making it difficult to single out newcomers.

Grace Church is in the historic area of Charleston, and there is plenty to see on your walk. Depending on the route you choose you will see The College of Charleston, and any number of beautiful, historic homes. Charleston, after all, is one of the great destination cities in the country. It was also the location of Top Chef in 2016. The story is that so many of the great American chefs loved Charleston they all opened Restaurants they’re making it an”eating” city on a par with New York or New Orleans.


I cannot say enough about the Charleston City Marina.  It is one of the best places I have ever been in my adventures. The staff is very cordial and helpful. A large number of service providers are available for repairs; there is a large liveaboard community that makes the whole place exceptional. Plus there is not only a gas station and convenience store on the grounds but also a wine and liquor store that offers a great selection of wines. Two other things that are high on my list at the marina are the constant parade of dolphins swimming by and breakfast at the Marina Variety Store Restaurant. Downstairs is Salty Mikes bar also a place to relax in the afternoon, watch the sunset and look for dolphins.

If you want something in the Top Chef category or a more elaborate lunch/brunch I would recommend McCrady’s Tavern, 2 Unity Alley, Charleston Phone: (843)577-0025, reservations are a good idea. Finally, if you are a Forrest Gump fan and don’t mind a touristy but fun spot stroll down to Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., 99 South Market. Yes, it is a chain and yes fried food is featured prominently, but it is in a great section of the city by the open market and jumping off points for carriage rides or ghost walks.