34 North Summer Street
Edgartown, MA 02539
(508) 627-5330
The Church

Like its sister parish in Vineyard Haven,  St. Andrews probably cannot hold more than about 150 people (and even that group would need to squeeze in), but it is stylistically quite different. St. Andrew’s looks more like the types of churches found in the rural countryside of Great Britain. The interior is dark wood and traditional without being austere. The stained glass, which is Tiffany, was installed in 1910 and is well worth studying. The parish was founded in 1895, and by the time the windows were installed it was a permanent feature of Edgartown. 

Don’t let the traditional feel of the building fool you this is a vibrant and contemporary place, with a full range of parishioners of all sorts. Like many of the Episcopal parishes on these pages St. Andrew’s emphasizes individual spiritual growth, and focus on community. That focus features the familiar refrains of open to all, and the parish reaches out to anyone on the island in need of help or just a safe place to explore. Because it is the parish for the largest population center of the island  St. Andrew’s has some additional resources that allow them to broaden their efforts. For one thing, they have a pretty active Facebook Page that heralds music performances and other events. This is a parish worth knowing and a simple walk from the harbor. Sundays at 10 Rite II is used. For early risers, the 8 am features Rite 1 and as is often the case, no choir.


Edgartown, likes it counterparts on the island,  has an enormous choice of restaurants. The Seafood Shanty has a reliable lobster roll and okay oysters. For something a little more elegant and excellent food you might consider The Alchemy, 71 Main St., around the corner from St. Andrew’s. They have a spectacular brunch menu and a pleasant environment. Finally, don’t overlook The Rosewater 20 South Summer Street, Edgartown  (Across from the Charlotte Inn). The BLT is spectacular, and you can grab anything to go so you can bring it aboard as you sail off or eat in their lovely outdoor patio.